Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends on Netflix!


Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends on Netflix!


From March 31 discover the world of music and fashion of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends on Netflix.

The TV series will be available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand!

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Maggie is an American girl who wins a scholarship for the prestigious Fashion Academy of MilanBianca is the spoiled daughter of a powerful Italian fashion entrepreneur.
The two girls meet at the Fashion Academy and get off to a rocky start as they come from totally different worlds and have opposite personalities. 
But as they clash again and again, they get to know each other better and begin to understand one another. Together, they form a band and learn to express their music talents, together with their new friends.

Don't miss their GO.ZY. adventures and follow them on the Official Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends YouTube Channel and Facebook Page!