Ready to make room in your wardrobe to change your winter clothes for spring and summer?

  1. It's time to change your winter clothes for spring and summer, you:

  2. The garment one should always have in her wardrobe in spring:

  3. When you go shopping:

    • You only buy useful things
    • You always spend too much
  4. How is your wardrobe organized?

    • By colour
    • By season
    • At random
    • Wardrobe? Oh yes, the stack of clothes on the chair!
  5. The text you send to your BFF every time you change your winter clothes for spring and summer:

    • Help, I need help! #SOS
    • you send tons of outfit emojis and heart emojis
    • you are too busy to send texts
    • Do you need some floral suspenders?
  • Hopeless disorganized person

    Keeping your wardrobe tidy is not your cup of tea… Some advice? Take out all your clothes and divide them into three stacks: clothes you want to keep, clothes you want to give away, clothes to give to charity. You can make it!

  • Creative chaos

    Although your wardrobe isn't very well organized, you have your own way to manage space in a "creative" way. Do you need some help? Use boxes and organizers to find more easily what you are looking for.

  • Everything in its place

    Well done! Your wardrobe is always very well organized and you always know where to find what you need! Do you need some extra room? Get rid of that dress or that jumper you haven't been wearing over the last year.

  • Maniac of details

    You always pay attention to every detail and your wardrobe perfectly represents you. Why don't you organize with your friends a "swap party", every now and again, to add something new to your wardrobe?

  • Repeat the test